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  • Tax Preparation

  • Tax Advisory

  • Corporate Tax Compliance

  • Employer Tax Solutions

  • VAT Advisory

  • Tax Investigation

  • R&D Tax Relief

  • Creative Industry Tax Relief

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Returns: Preparing company and group corporation tax computations and returns.

Provisions: Preparing and reviewing tax provisions and notes for inclusion in individual company and consolidated group statutory accounts.

Interim reporting: Managing your interim tax reporting for accounting purposes.

Updates: Providing guidance and advice on complex tax rules and legislation under corporation tax self-assessment.

Liabilities: Monitoring and advising on tax liabilities and due dates for corporation tax.

Dispute resolution: Negotiating with HMRC on your behalf to resolve any enquiries and/or disputes.

Claims: Monitoring, advising on, and preparing claims and elections.

Tax investigations: Dealing with a range of investigations from a simple enquiry relating to a single entry in the accounts to a full enquiry challenging the accuracy of the accounts or tax returns.

Special investigations: Dealing with an enquiry from the HMRC unit responsible for investigating the most serious cases of tax fraud, evasion and avoidance.

Guidance: Explaining the enquiry process, taxpayer rights, next steps and assistance should an agreement fail to be reached, and advising on deadline extensions where necessary.

Alternative dispute resolution: Helping you work with HMRC’s ADR team to reach an amicable conclusion.

Tribunals and litigation: Critical examination of documentary evidence and providing expert evidence and cross-examination arguments for your legal team.

VAT: Review of VAT treatment and maximizing VAT recovery. Advising on the VAT treatment of complex transactions, contracts and business structures, including the impact of anti-avoidance legislation. Designing and maintaining partial exemption methods. Managing VAT and indirect taxes on cross-border transactions, advising on import and export issues and helping overseas companies recover UK VAT. Helping you with VAT returns and other compliance work. Registering your business for VAT/VAT grouping. Assisting with VAT audits and inspections.

  • Tax Returns

  • Personal Tax Planning

  • Capital Gain tax Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Investigation

  • Trust Service

  • Inheritance tax Planning


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We can help you develop a cohesive management and succession strategy for your privately held wealth enabling you to:

Protect your wealth by understanding and taking control of your financial affairs, especially with regard to current and future tax exposure, especially inheritance tax.

Benefit from better-informed decision making, because you fully understand the issues that affect you or might affect you in future.

Create an informed plan that makes the best use of your wealth for yourself, your retirement and for future generations.

Avoid the threat of future tax demands, by knowing that your financial affairs are proactively managed and you’re paying the correct amount of tax.

Many people lose wealth from threats they never anticipated, so we will challenge your existing planning assumptions and encourage you to consider contingency plans to avoid possible future liabilities.

income tax – we will review and explain the issues so that you know you are paying the correct amount of tax and can plan with confidence.

Tax returns – we will ensure that your tax returns are correctly completed and submitted to HM Revenue and Customs.

Retirement planning – which makes adequate provision for your retirement.
Inheritance tax planning that meets the future needs of your wider family.

Income protection planning.
Accountancy and tax services for trusts & estates.