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Starting your own business or contract work can seem to be a big step, but we can assure you that we can answer all your queries.
  • What is the most tax-efficient structure for my business?

  • Do I need to register for PAYE and VAT?

  • How can I manage my statuatory deadlines?

  • I operate my business from home, what expenses are allowable for tax relief?

  • If I have more than one company, what must I look out for?

  • Should I extract money from my company by dividends or salary?

  • How can I be Tax efficient?

  • How can I reduce my capital gains tax?

  • Should I pay myself through PAYE or Dividends?

  • PSC company / PAYE / Umbrella company  which one do I choose?

  • I need help with my tax return

  • What are the tax implications? on various  investments

  • Can a trust save me on my taxes?

  • Help with my HMRC Investigation

How Does Making Tax Digital impact My business?




From April 2020 private sector firms will have to check whether contractors need to pay income tax and national insurance contributions, shifting the responsibility for conducting such checks from the contractor to the organisation using their services.



170,000 Individuals

60,000 PSC Companies

20,000 Recruiters



We know from experience that the IR35 rules are a huge problem for employers and contractors alike.

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KGP Accountants was founded in 1977 on a few core values that remain the key to how we operate today. We value each and every one of our clients and strive to build a long-term business relationship with you. Our aim is not to drastically inflate our client portfolio; we have recently expanded and have an opportunity to take on more clients without hindering the quality of the service we currently offer. Accountancy can be considered an old-fashioned profession; KGP Accountants has always lived up to that reputation by being a very traditional accountancy practise. Our office in London still hold elements of the accounting world that existed through the 70's and could indeed by used as a museum for passionate accountants, however it is time for a make-over. 

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